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    The title explains most of it. I want to try and go a bit more competitive this season. I recently picked up SoloQ and climbed to S2 from S4 within a week. But when I play league I prefer to play with a group of premade people because it just saves alot of flaming and stuff. So that is why I want to try and join a ranked team.

    I’m currently maining ADC, however I can play all lanes but top. Top is definitely my worst lane of all. I would say Mid is my second best lane and jungle my third best.

    So if there is a spot opening in a team and you are desperate enough to ask a Silver, I’m your man!

    My IGN is ‘The Jodel’ for people who want to add me and maybe let me try out.

    EDIT: Maybe an important thing to mention, but I’m rarely available in the weekend. Most of the time I play midweek in the afternoon/evenings.

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