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    Hey guys!
    I’ve decided to make a small post about Villains, and how we run things around here.
    In this post i will be talking about our Management Structure.

    What i will be covering:
    – Head Management
    – Game Management
    – Community Management
    – Mental Coach
    – Media Team

    Head Management

    Head Management is what you could call The “Elite 4” of Villains, The shapers, the creators, the founders.
    Head Management is a dedicated team that works on what has to happen within Villains, They hand out tasks, consult the managers and brainstorm with us
    as to what has to happen, what directions we will take, and what we will be doing in the future. (i.e. Tournaments, Events, LAN-hosting, etc.)
    Head Management has the final say in pretty much everything regarding Villains.

    Who is in Head Management?
    Go to the Menu bar at the top of the website, Click “Teams”, then press “Villains Management” for a full list of the management.
    .. Did i manage there’s a nice picture of each and every manager?

    Game Management

    Game Managers are the go-to people for questions regarding the game. They will assist you in every aspect of the game.
    Game Managers are people dedicated to the game they play theirselves, and are allocated their own teams to manage and “coach” if needed.
    If you are experiencing issues within the team, can’t seem to solve it, you can always contact one of these fine gentlemen to assist you.
    For all Competitive people within Villains the Game managers will always be there to help. (Casual players can also contact them ofcourse)
    Furtherly they will also be cooperating in certain events hosted by Villains.

    What is the easiest way to contact a Game Manager if i need one?
    There are various ways to contact a Game Manager.
    Most frequently they are found on our Teamspeak 3 server. –
    Otherwise you can contact them in-game by their respective IGN’s which are commonly found at the earlier noted Management page.

    Community Management

    Community Managers are the people who work on promoting villains, make sure we have the contacts we need to get our teams included in LANs.
    Also they make sure Villains’ PR stays up-to-date and positive! they are commonly found on Teamspeak.

    Community Management is also there for the casual players to interact with if they have questions, or to talk about things that have happened.
    So if you’re ever in need of a talk, need an update on what’s going to happen within the community, you can always talk to the Community Managers!

    Mental Coach

    Currently i am the only Mental Coach in the team, so i guess it’s only right for me to be talking about what Mental Coaching really is.
    Mental Coaching itself is pure to make sure our competitive players, just as our casual players have every bit of assistance they need for their respective games.
    I will be assisting people with possible issues they have, such as:
    – Issues within the team. (Communication, Synergy, Mentality, Mindsets)
    – Personal Issues (Life issues, Mindset issues, Raging, Positivity in the game, Losing love for the game)
    – Other Issues (Focus, Insecurity, Finding your place in a team)

    So whatever you need to be talked about, can be talked about.

    Media Team

    The Media Team is our Social Media team that keeps you up-to-date about what happens within Villains, and it’s teams.
    They will be posting about events, LAN’s, Tournaments and such, So that you will always be aware of what happens!

    That’s about it!
    Peace out,

    Villains – Saltyhooker
    Game Manager – Mental Coach – Media Team

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