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    Hello, my name is Erik, I’m 18 (Basically 19, b-day on the 24th of Aug) and I live in Sweden. I work as a caretaker for disabled people. I just recently joined one of Villains and on of your cs:go teams (VLNM) as a substitute. My rank in cs:go is dmg at the moment but I feel like I can rank up to LE fairly soon since I managed to win all 4 games I played since I ranked up. I also play league and I’m currently Gold 1 in promo to Plat and used to be plat but dropped because of inactivity. I rarely play league any more, I don’t enjoy it as much as I once did. I also play several other games such as H1Z1, Hearthstone, Runescape and Borderlands 2. If you ever want to game, feel free to hit me up, I’d probably accept your invite unless I’m busy!

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    Welcome Erik!

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